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Orgonite and orgone

What is Orgonite and Orgone? Thanks to a scientific study by Dr Wilhem Reich, we experience the benefits of orgonite energy. He called this beautiful cosmic energy Orgon. Later also known as “Chi” or “Prana”. Orgonite is also called orgone. A big difference is that orgonite contains more metals, which has a radiation-protective effect. Orgone has little or no impact on that effect and is more intended for personal healing and support.

The basis of a good orgonite piece of jewellery or disc is always casting resin, sufficient metals and a single crystal. With this combination, you (if made with the right intention and energy) already have a well-functioning orgonite. Artisan Gifts mainly uses pure gold (23.75K) as a metal. Gold is the best energy conductor among metals. In addition, copper is used in anti-radiation mobile discs. In addition, ecological crystal resin is used, more beneficial for Gaia, Mother Earth, and therefore also for us.

Orgonite anti-radiation disc for mobile

The effect of the gemstones is enhanced in an orgonite by the Piezo effect. The Piezo effect creates pressure on the used crystals. This pressure creates an electrical voltage on the metals present. This continuously present voltage provides positive energy. You can experience this energy by, for example, holding your hand above the orgonite/orgone product. If you don’t feel it (immediately), rest assured. One notices it faster than the other.

In this video is the operation of orgonite/orgone clearly explained.

Lotus Golden Healer pendant ~ Orgonite and orgone
Lotus Golden Healer pendant
Shungite orgonite mandala pendant ~ Orgonite and orgone
Shungite orgonite mandala pendant
Golden Triangle orgone pendant ~ Orgonite and orgone
Golden Triangle orgone pendant

Orgonite/orgone stabilizes and harmonizes your energy fields and your living environment.

Some facts about orgonite:

  • It works continuously.
  • It helps transform the negative etheric energy into positive energy.
  • It purifies the atmosphere, detoxifies the water, and ends drought.
  • It cleanses and balances your aura and chakras.
  • It is effective against electrosmog and negative earth rays.
  • Helps against insomnia and chronic nightmares.
  • It reduces the harmful effects of EMF and other radiation.
  • It gives awareness to your senses and helps them awaken and develop.
  • It limits/neutralizes WIFI radiation.
  • It helps plants grow better, strengthens their resistance against pests and ensures that plants need less water.
  • It harmonizes the Chi in and around you

Orgonite-Artisan’s mission is to help Gaia, Mother Earth, reduce the effects of radiation and support the spread of positive life energy.

Find your favourite orgonite/orgone piece of jewellery or disc in the webshop. Start protecting yourself, your family and your environment today.

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